Blank posts since installing APO

After installing APO, my wordpress site has been faster, and seems to work well. The problem is, after a day or so, the site will start showing a blank post or two. Not every post, but some of the most popular. I clear the Cloudflare cache and voila, everyone is fine for a few days more.
When I type the url into a browser, it just shows a blank page. It doesn’t throw an error like a 404. Just no content.

Any ideas where to look, how to troubleshoot the problem?

Please raise a support ticket with a link to blank pages and post the # here.

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May I just add a notice here, as I remember I have had some issues few years ago with WordPress running without a cache, but had a lot of traffic on it - before we moved to Cloudflare and activated a cache.

It was the origin host/server generating some strange “5xx” errors, none of them were logged into the access or error or even WP debug log file, but the visitors including us the owners/webmaster encountered the strange behaviour where the main homepage or posts pages were “blank” or “white” only, without content, and not all of them.

I cannot guarantee it’s the APO thing only, but would be nice to get some feedback, if so, in the further time just to make sure.

As @yevgen already stated, try by writing a ticket and contacting Cloudflare support, and posting the ticker number here.

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Thank you !

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