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So my domain ( is registered with GoDaddy.
I tried to put Cloudflare on it but doesn’t looks like it’s working,
i have 4 nameservers because I am hosting with another hoster than GoDaddy, here is an image:

And the blank page is kinda weird.
here is the link:
i have no scripts blocker or anything.

Cloudflare isn’t working on my domain because of theses errors, any suggestions?

That cant work, remove the Epizy nameservers for starters.

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Remove the non-CloudFlare nameservers. This can’t work.
Make sure you have added the site to CloudFlare and have added the DNS information. After one or two hours is will start running through CloudFlare and you will start to see geaphs on your dashboard.
It might take quite some hours through before all traffic is routed through CloudFlare.

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Alright so I removed the two other nameservers, but the thing is I had theses 2 epizy nameservers because I am using another host than GoDaddy, so even if theses two epizy are removed it will still work? (I mean, the domain hosted with godaddy will still work with my other hosting?)

You should be able to specify the nameservers per domain.
So the Epizy servers for the domain not running through CloudFlare and the CloudFlare nameservers for the domain that should be cached by CloudFlare.

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As long as you have specified all necessary DNS records on Cloudflare.

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Alright thanks!
Works! :slight_smile:

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