Blank page with "0" on homepage

Hi guys, looked around everywhere and can’t find an answer for this.

For a few months now, my homepage on first loads with a blank page, containing a “0”. If you visit it for the first time, you should see a white blank page.

A user needs to refresh the page in order to see it, every time. This only happens for the homepage and not any of the other pages.

I’ve checked and disabled plugins, tweaked all sorts of settings but I’ve come to no solution.

Can anyone here tell me what on earth is going on? I don’t even see any error messages… its driving me nutz and causing a lot of problems.



That will be an issue with your site I am afraid. You can pause Cloudflare (Overview page, bottom right) and check if the issue still occurs. It most likely will.

Probably some session issue and the page only loads after the user session has been initialised - or something of that sort :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response buddy!

Are you sure? Because with cloudflare off, the issue goes away…

session issue? Interesting. I keep away from optimization plugins for this very reason. Have you ever seen weird behaviour like this before? Let me try swithing off clodflare again…

I am afraid that is not accurate. I just sent a request to your server directly (assuming its IP address ends in 157) and got the same behaviour.


Actually it should be easy to track as it is a 500. That will be classic web debugging you will have to do here.

I agree with @sandro that it’s likely session related. Given the odd way your site currently builds, I would test running it using a different/simpler theme. I suspect that would likely work on/off Cloudflare, proving the theme load method at fault

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