Blank page when enable the proxy on website

What is the name of the domain?

What is the error number?

no error number

What is the error message?

blank page

What is the issue you’re encountering

blank page when i enable the proxy on dns

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

i read but i did not understand what exactly should i do

I just ran your site via the proxies and the content got served all right.

However, running it against the proxies at seems to suggest that at least one location did not get the proper content. Could you have some geo-restrictions on your server?

there is geolocation redirection worker.
but when i enable the proxy for it to work it giving me blank page

You mean a Worker on Cloudflare? Then that might tamper with the response and you should verify if that works as intended. The proxy itself works fine.

the worker from the proxy giving the error

this is the geolocation worker i have setup

Yes, this returns a blank page, or rather some JavaScript which does not do much. You will need to debug your script.

it was working good for long time…
the point is that i change the hosting and after that this happen
delete the worker and enable it again will make it work?
or delete everything and setup again?

I can’t tell what your Worker is doing, but right now there only is a blank page. I am afraid you need to debug that and find out why it’s not loading the right content.

there is no issue on the worker its cash issue or something i need some help to fix it
i did not touch the code and its from cloud flair documentation

i need some help and i am willing to bay need to fix this issue asap

i add another worker and delete the old one

its giving the same even with no thing

There obviously is an issue with the code, as it only returns a blank page. That’s the thing you need to debug I am afraid.

this is the same code from cloudflare docs

i just copy and past and change url to my url

The point is you were saying there is a blank page returned when you proxy and we have now established that this is not the proxy, but your Worker script. Why that is, is what you need to debug. You simply need to step through your code and check why it does not return what it is supposed to. This is something the community cannot help with I am afraid.

Your Worker obviously does something else than the script you linked, as there is no redirect issued but it returns HTML content.

any worker even empty code return blank i need to understand why
when i debug there is no error
but i notice that it give the last cash update date returned is the date of expiry of the old hosting
you can see the last modified date
h3=“:443”; ma=86400





Tue, 09 Jul 2024 09:15:18 GMT

Fri, 07 Jun 2024

You need to explicitly return content, for a Worker to return anything. This is not a caching issue, as also evident by the cache status, but a code issue. You really need to debug this.

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