Blank Page when Caching

Hey there! I’m running into a problem with my website where it returns a blank/empty page.

I am pretty confident this happened after I turned on “Smart Tiered Caching Topology” – I didn’t see any improvements so I decided to turn it back to “Disabled Tiered Cache” as before, I then, under cache, Purged Everything and then the blank page revealed itself.

I at first was not sure what did it as I played around with other settings, but after applying the “Cache Level: Bypass” Page rule, the blank page went away and made it obvious that it’s a cache issue.

What’s the solution here? I’ve tried purging all cache a few times, without luck. And yes, I have a page rule, but that’s a temporary solution which I do not want to keep. I also scoured the whole internet for solutions both in the community and elsewhere, all without luck.

Any ideas? Happy to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: