Blank page sometimes


For couple days client webpage sometimes loads blank page. Not in particular pages, but random.
Before thease days everything was fine. I dont tink it is website problem, beacause for some time there have no been changes in files/plugins, so i think that cant be cause of this problem. Is there posibility that something is wrong at cloudflare side?

We will pause claudflare for site and test it, but is there posibility that problem might be at cloudflare side?

Edit: Tested without claudflare and yeah, problem still presists…


If/when you’re able to reproduce the issue, see if there are console errors in the browser (f12 -> console tab). Also, see if there are any error logs on your server, the web application/framework may be erroring.


Thanks for the tip, but it was server side error after extra testing. Sorry for this ‘hot headed’ and unnecessary topic.
Have a great week. :slight_smile:

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