Blank page on my website

Hello Cloudfare Community.
My website : showing some blank page on several web browser as well as some browser that has visited the site before.

I appreciate for the help provided.

Try temporarily pausing Cloudflare (from your dashboard) and see if that fixes the issue

I just tried from another browser, still showing a blank page.

Could you send a screenshot of what you see? Because it loads fine for me!

It looks like you’ve disabled the Cloudflare proxy, but the site is loading now.

from my google chrome browser

Close out some of your other tabs, you may have a lot of your memory getting pulled by those other tabs and it may not have enough to load up that site’s content!

If that fails, try reloading the site WITHOUT cached content (Ctrl+R)

It still failed. and Ctrl+R didnt help as well. I tried CTRL+F5 then only it works.

but im afraid our user doesn’t know the ctrl+f5 thing.

is there any setting that I need to adjust on the cloudfare dashboard?

Thanks alot for your help

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