Blank page every time

Hello, i have a problem with my website.
Every page is blank i have to refresh to get the page, 95% of the time it’s happened
Please any help ?

Any help ?

Hi @khaledak86, if you pause Cloudflare, does the behavior change?

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I can’t say because the website didn’t work if i paused it, do i have to stopped ssl plugin too ??
But what i know that before I’m using Cloudflare i didn’t have the problem

If you “Pause Website”, you’re no longer routing through Cloudflare. It would be DNS-Only, which should match not using Cloudflare at all.

Is the SSL plugin recently added?


No not recently. I bought a gig from fivver for speedup the website after that i got this problem, i asked him and he told me that Cloudflare used http2 we have to disable it. I submitted a ticket here to disable it from 4 days but no respond

HTTP/2 shouldn’t be an issue. Most browsers are compatible with it, and will use HTTP/1 if necessary.

The site is loading for me, but I see a long error message at the bottom of the screen relating to Recaptcha and a Wordpress Javascript Optimization plugin. I suggest you disable that Javascript Optimization plugin for now.

Yes today works fine without problem only this error shows ,yesterday i don’t have it

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