Blank page after setting Cname records

Need Help. I’m trying to connect Easylinks (a link tracking service) to Cloudflare. The Domain is I followed the instructions in setting this up as they are in reference to Namecheap which is no more than going to Advance setting and adding 2 cname records. It worked fine. I wanted to move it over to cloudflare so I pointed the domains dns to what cloudflare gave me. Then I added the same cname records to cloudflare that I had in namecheap, but now I just get a blank white page vs the page it is supposed to go to.

Here is a more detailed version: I got the domain from Namecheap. After getting it, I added a site in cloudflare, set it up to be ssl, then set the DNS in namecheap to point to the nameserver that cloudflare says to have it pointed to.

I copied the cname that Easylink produced for the domain ( I created a CName in cloudflare to pasted for both the root @ and www, but for some reason I just get a blank page when trying to follow any links I created… ex. I did all this several days ago thinking that maybe is was slow to propagate, but I don’t think that’s it.

The mail service I set up the smtp for works fine so I know it’s propagated.

Am I missing a step? Thanks in Advance.

Not a Cloudflare issue I am afraid, the same page appears when loading it directly from the server.

Hi and thank you. Being new you can only add so many links. Here is what is supposed direct it to.
and works fine.

Easylinks is sort of a link redirect service for tracking. When I had it set up in Namecheap just before moving it to cloudflare it worked fine.

I guess I could move it back, and just move my mail server over there, but would prefer to keep it with Cloudflare. Thanks for your help

Then you must have changed something else somewhere. The screenshot above goes straight to the server - without Cloudflare bein involved - in question and equally shows an empty page.

I’m going to move it back until I figure it out. It’s working there, but only after deleting all the links and redoing them. Maybe that was it. Will try it again some time. Thanks for your help in checking it.

Right now you are back on Namecheap, right? It still is a white page I am afraid.

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