Blank page after purging cache

Few minutes ago I used the “Purge Everything” feature on the website, and ever since I did that, my website is showing a blank page.
The page has scroll and if you use “Inspect Element” you’ll see the page codes are there. It just doesn’t show them.
I need to add that, before purging the cache, everything was working perfectly fine.


It wasn’t the first time I purged everything, but indeed the first time this blank page thing happened.
What can I do to fix this?


Yes, I see the blank page as well.

Looking at the Google Developer Console I see this js error message:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘naturalHeight’ of null
at main-1.0.0.js:442
at main-1.0.0.js:462

Could this be the problem?

I get a similar error


You probably had a working version of that code cached, which now disappeared and thats why you get the error and your site does not load.

Let me have a look at that please…

Edit: Yes that was the problem. Thanks for the heads-up. Apparently that line of code caused troubles at homepage.

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