Blank Page after migrating to cloudflare

In search for speed and a better optimized webpage, i decided to migrate my dns from namecheap to cloudflare. I followed all the steps and created the records, did my dmarc, and set up everything according to the instructions given, but now my website doesn’t load. It only shows a blank page. If i am logged in to wordpress i can see everything perfectly and navigate the site freely and edit, but if i try to load and preview the website on my phone, private browser and such it only shows the blank page. I thought it might be a caching issue and so i disabled Seraphite Accelerator, which i heard causes problems with cloudflare caching, but no results. I also purged the cloudflare cache, and disabled a few settings inside cloudflare but no results yet. Not sure if i am missing a step or if something might had been wrongly configured.

Hi @alanblacklotus at the moment, the site is deleted from your account and the nameservers do not point to cloudflare.