Blank page after files changed


My site is hosted on AWS S3, served with Cloudflare, and written with react. Every time I’m deploying a new version of my site some of the users see a blank page that fixed after some minutes.

Yesterday some of my users saw a blank page for about 4 hours (I guess it’s the Browser Cache TTL)…

I tried to purge the cache again, turned off the firewall, changed Browser Cache TTL to 30 minutes, turned off all the page rules, changed the caching level to “no query string” and added a page rule with cache level bypass NOTHING helped and my users kept getting 404 error.

The only thing that helped is If they hard refresh or clear their cache but of course it’s not something I want to tell my users to do every week when I’m deploying a new version.

After about 4 hours suddenly everyone started to see the web site normally again. And it worked out after about an hour that I did not make any change and only searched the internet for solutions so I believe the solution of it is not related to me…

My default settings are:

page rule: /* Cache Level: Cache Everything

Caching Level: Standard

Browser Cache TTL: 4 hours (changed to 30 minutes)

Any ideas about what happened and how to avoid it in the future?

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