Blank Page after Deploying Update to React Site

I have a site hosted on Cloudflare, After deploying a new React.js responsive design app . When users went to the page it was blank. They had to do a hard refresh to solve it and clear their cache in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. If they just hit refresh it was blank. We purged the cache and turned off proxy and still didn’t work for the client. I changed the TTL to 30 minutes and after that, it worked. Has anyone else run into this issue? And, how do I prevent it next time?

Can you verify the domain? I don’t see as a registered domain nor one that is active on Cloudflare. Note that Cloudflare does not host sites, it’s hosted elsewhere and if you add it to Cloudflare, we’ll make it faster & more secure, but it’s always hosted at your hosting provider.

Ah, is it The site loads ok for me, perhaps click the :grey: next to the A record called your domain name to change it to :orange:? The ttl setting you changed is only for your MX records from what I can see.

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