Blank page after deploy, Cache Issues?

I encountered this problem two times this week… We have a staging environment (on k8s) that run without any kind of Cloudflare proxy, but we have our production environment that is behind Cloudflare’s proxy.
Well, after a rollout we get a completely blank page with a lot of errors complaining about MIME types and not being able to load some JS/CSS; and that’s only with Chromium based browsers ( I guess that Chrome refuse to execute those JS that return a wrong MIME type ).
We have been banging our heads on it for quite some time, and finally get the idea that maybe it’s something Cloudflare related. So i remove the Cloudflare proxy and purge the cache. After that it starts to work again without issues.

Any ideas? Is it a Cloudflare related problem? Or could be something else?

Thanks to all in advance :smiley:

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