Blank page after add new page in Wordpress?

Hello Cloudflare,

Last night i created the following page

and this morning i saw a blank page

I don’t receive any error as you can see my devtools from the screenshot above. it’s free from any error.

I tried to purge cache, purge everything to see if the action works by tomorrow.
My questions:

  • What’s the culprit?
  • What’s the solution?
  • What’s should i do the next time i add new page?

Assuming your server IP address ends in 224, it seems as if that blank content comes straight from your server

Thanks for your feedback, Sandro.
I don’t get your point. Are you saying that you are able to see the page completely?

What should i do to resolve this issue?

Please let me know


No, the opposite. There is no content even if requesting it from your server. You need to fix that on your server.

Cmiie the first step to debug this is i have to try set the cloudflare in development mode, and see if the site is working properly without cloudflare.

Am i correct?

When you visit the URL 2 times by reloading it, the content appear.

The 1st time visit, it will display similar to a screenshot that i uploaded

The 2nd time visit (by reloading the URL) the content displayed properly.

So i am not sure if there’s something wrong with my server.

Please advise

Loads fine for me on first load, perhaps clear cache, try from mobile or try incognito @pichernenko

Hi Cloonan

Noted. I will try to access the url by different browser too.

Will keep you posted

Thanks & Regards

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Well, as evident from my previous posting requests to your server do not load properly either.

No, development mode wont change much here. You should pause Cloudflare altogether (bottom right on the Overview screen) for debugging.

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