Blank overview after NS change


Somthing happened on my host and I think I accidentally added the wrong Cloudflare nameservers.
I got an e-mail that it was removed due to wrong nameservers. So I pointed my domain to the right nameservers.

In the e-mail I was instructed to press the check nameservers button on my dashboard. But that button is not there. In fact, my overpage is blank, nothing to show and my account tab says the domain is ‘moved’.

Any idea how I can fix this? This means no mails, no website…

Ok, I changed my nameservers to my hosts servers in the hope to get my mails and website back online. It’s a .be domain, so i propagates within minutes and I have my website back online untill I can figure out what is happening in my Cloudflare account.

No need to change back,
After you change back nameserver to Cloudflare, the Overview tab MAY BE blank for at least 12 hours or more ( in my case, i have to wait more than 60 hours), then it will show the analytics or something as normal

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I am not sure what happened to cause your nameservers to change but when they do and we detect it, we send an email indicating there was a change, that was perhaps the email you received, after a week if we still detect a change we remove the site from Cloudflare, which is what has happened. If you login to your dash and select +Add a site you can add it back. You’ll proly want to verify your dns records once you do that.

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