Blank Message when connecting to cloudflare

Why is it that when i add a site to cloudflare, the messages on the app appear blank…plain white nothing visible and when i switch it back to default server it picks up just fine…someone guide me on how to fix this out…


Does your server respond properly for HTTPS?

What’s the URL?

yes it does.
this is the url that have that issue:

Seems to load fine via Cloudflare

this site has an app too…when you open the app the message dont show…even in this web layout, the home page is visible clearly but when you login…the messages are blank…and thats where my problem is!

Would have been good to mention that :wink:

You most likely run into the security layer and get a challenge back. Check the status code in your application. Additionally, check out your firewall event log and whether anything blocks these requests. Then you can adjust your security settings accordingly.

apologies i didnt mention that… all the other applications are working fine, only this one that gives me this nightmare. The question that i got initially was that, the app reads the cloudflare IP as a proxy server causing this challenge…

Is it something that can be fixed?

As I mentioned you might want to check the Cloudflare firewall event log for any challenges or blocks.

thank you.
on the firewall event, i have this report: TOTAL: 201, CHALLENGE: 197, BLOCK: 4

what do i need to do after this?

this is the screen shot of the activites…which would be appropriate default rules to set to fix this issue?

If these are the requests in question, you’ll need to lower your security level in the firewall settings. If you don’t want to do this account-wide, you can also use a page rule to change that only for that hostname.

okay thank you.
Looking at my firewall page… which menu exactly do i make the adjustments on?

But how exactly do i lower that security level in the firewall settings? how exactly? a quick steps would really help.

In the settings of the firewall? Did you not check the firewall dashboard?

thank you.
this is what i have set on my dashboard…do i need to adjust this further?

You’d need to lower that. If it’s just a set of IP addresses you can also whitelist them in the firewall tools.

have set the level to LOW…Is that all?