Blank images and redirect errors

Setup my domain name servers from godaddy however after moving to Cloudflare and setting up rate limiting rules, the website images disappeared (the ones called from the admin portal) and web pages stopped loading with the error ‘redirects error’

I’ve had to remove the website from Cloudflare however would love to bring it back on as we are getting loads of requests which is affecting the website performance

Can someone guide me on how to re-do the setup such that I dont have blank images and redirect errors. I’m on pro package

It’s probably not Rate Limiting. Did you start using SSL/HTTPS when you moved the domain to Cloudflare?

I always had SSL HTTPS from cloudways - Which is my host.

How do I activate it?

DO you mind helping me check it? Would like to resolve it today.

Hi @oluwatoyin, I just visited the site and it loads over https and does not show any errors. Are you still seeing issues? If so, can you share a screen shot/text of the errors?

No, we have fixed it - I activated SSL.

However, We are on pro and its valid till 2019 but some of the pro features are not working - The system keeps showing ‘Upgrade to Pro’

Can you help us activate zone lockdown?


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