Blacklisted IP Submission

Hello, one of CF’s IP’s used for one of my domains is blacklisted by Suomispam.

Furthermore, the database has Cloudflare as #6 on their list of most listings at 97. Not too bad, but they definitely are going to want to look in to getting the IP removed. Not sure where else I’d submit this.

Cloudflare does not handle emails, so these listings cannot originate from spam emails.

They are most likely because such emails referenced sites which are proxied through Cloudflare.

Yea I figure… but hey, that needs to be told to the database admin(s). Regardless, the IP is blacklisted and any sites that are proxied through it are going to feel the ding if they’re hosting email on their accounts, I’m just letting Cloudflare know. I use third party so it doesn’t really matter although I think most domain owners do not want to see any ill-reputation from their CDN, even if it is not accurately warranted.

Not really CF’s job to manage their reputation on these not-well-known and inaccurate databases. Cloudflare, and many other providers, will not contact blacklist DBs because many of them, when asked “can you unblacklist us?” Will instead demand money to be unblacklisted.

As for the solution (for those from Google): use a better email SMTP service. GSuite offers sending 10k/day and Sendgrid doesn’t blacklist Cloudflare (to my knowledge).

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I think I’ll stay away from the NSA… I mean Google as much as possible. Like I stated earlier, I use a third party that is reliable and does not get my emails sent to spam. However, I did not factor the extortion perspective. In that case, why not attempt to collaborate with other online powers to counter these poor blacklist databases and in-turn… blacklist them? An aggressive approach is necessary sometimes, especially when it potentially harms business opportunities/traffic growth.

Suomispam is a small Finnish DB, sure. Maybe in the future they grow. Maybe not, but let’s say that 20% of users in Finland used security software that incorporated Suomispam, a population of over 5 and a half million. Even if only half of them use the internet, that is over 2 million potential visitors and/or customers that are no longer going to access or trust your domain and almost 600,000 whom have no access. I can’t imagine any web service provider being okay with this. Cloudflare can not allow itself to be pushed around if Suomispam runs a “demand money to be unblacklisted” business model.


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