Blacklisted DNS record on

Good day. We have a site (not on cloudflare) that hosts updates to our application. For a while we received a complaints that the update process failed, and recently our users discovered the culprit - they had DNS service. It turns out that this service resolves our domain to a non-existent address. For now the “solution” that our users adopted is to switch to Google DNS. But, still I am wondering whether it is possible to remove the block?

Surprisingly, I do not see any form or tool, nor even a mention that has some sort of blacklist.

What is the proper way to get our domain working, short of telling our users to stop using service?

Cloudflare does not have any such blacklist. It is more likely an issue with the authoritative nameserver (e.g. DNSSEC).

Whats the record in question?


Interesting… The record is . Thanks!

It actually does resolve for me


Non-authoritative answer:

It doesnt for you?

Does for me, but not for (some) of our users. Maybe they got it wrong, maybe it was some intermittent issuye. But we have more than a few reports that switching from to did solve the problem. Strange… Thanks, anyway! (respectively possibly its nameservers’ domain) does seem to have some configuration issues however

If they were all from around the same time it could have been easily an intermittent issue. It would require more debugging here to be able to say more.