Black Screen flash when Rocketloader is activated

Hello guys,

A black screen flash appears when I have Rocketloader activated. What can be the issue?



As this is a Screenshot from GPSI do you also see this BlackScreen-Flash in real life on you computer/phone, or just in Google PageSpeed Insights?

It most probably is because of the renderblocking of RocketLoader as it have to rewrite/modify your DOM

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Yes it does. I have just disabled Rocketloader for now. It’s so fast and striking to the eyes.

I always would try to solve the problem that is RocketLoader solving natively so you dont need it anymore.
I personally do not use it.

What I do to prevent using additional JS to optimize my Website is:

  • optimizing it natively

  • combining all JS in the right order

  • combining all CSS in the right order

  • putting the combines JS right before the closing body tag </body>

  • putting the combined CSS right before the closing head tag </head>

  • preventing inline JS - combine it (if possible & not breaking functionallity) into the main JS file.

  • use HTTP2/Push to push CSS

  • use preload to preload fonts

after this you will see some significant speed improvement and if you then compare it with using RocketLoader you will see that RocketLoader will slow down your site.
Once RocketLoader slows down your site you have successfully improved your site natively so RocketLoader will not add any performance-improvements to your site.

RocketLoader is an awesome “One-Click” solution and improves performance for most pages significant but if you do have the knowledge to do all the natively I would recommend that as it then does not have to improved on Clientside while blocking rendering.


That’s what I’m working on bit by bit and it’s doing wonders. I have resolved so many issues manually.

Alternatively if you cant natively improve your page to what RocketLoader can do you can also open a supportticket and ask if they can look into this to improve support for your particular setup/theme/plugins.

They then need some more infos but they can make RocketLoader more compatible with your setup so you do not have to do all the work manually.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will think about it. For now, let me fumble a bit here and there and see if I can improve everything locally.

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