Black listed by Cloudflare

Hi there,

Our Lan internet access IP (static) has been blacklisted by Cloudfare. Everytime we access a Cloudfare protected site - we have to go through captcha check…

At this time we have no idea why we are marked as blacklisted. Were looking into our internal network for any malware or clues at the moment. However we have no reasons to suspect we have some form of bot on our network. We liked to get some insights into the reasons for blacklisting?

Thanks in advance!

Cloudflare won’t divulge a specific reason for your particular case, but here are general guidelines:

And some suggestions:

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Thanks for pointing things out, we have experienced better results and no issues on most Cloudflare protected sites now. However we are still having issues with our SaaS monitor provider “StatusCake” which is still giving us captcha pages on all there pages, we are in contact with them for further details.

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