Bizarre forwarding error when using the short form of the URL

Hello out there! I hope someone can help with this very bizarre problem.
Our website can be accessed using www simplyhealing co uk

However if you use simplyhealing. co. uk it goes to an unconnected website, ali-hutchinson. co. uk]
The DNS is set up correctly with A records for www, simplyhealing. co. uk, and * (wild), all pointing to the same IP address.

I have spoken with the owner of ali-hutchinson who knows nothing about it but thinks she is also on cloudflare.

I can’t figure this out at all - I’m pretty sure it is a recent problem though TBH I don’t know how often I have checked the short form.

Can anyone figure this out?
Many thanks


The 301 redirect from www. to naked domain does not seem to be originating at Cloudflare. Cloudflare redirects do not normally return cf-cache-status and content-type headers. You should investigate this at your origin server, and seek support from your hosting provider if needed.


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Thanks for this – I have raised it with my site host.

Best wishes


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Many thanks Sandro

I have passed this to my site host- I don’t think the problem is with Cloudflare.