Bizarre caching issue with website

Hi there,

I set-up a page rule so that if anyone tries to go to, it should redirect them to

I know it’s definitely working but I’m just coming across all sorts of dramas with the website redirect working fine if I test it on my phone (with wifi turned off), yet if I turn wifi back on or use my laptop (which is connected to wifi), I get a privacy error page.

Basically the domain has been set-up to redirect to

I’ve tried doing a DNS cache clear on my computer, clearing the browser cache, resetting my modem, I’ve tried purging the cache on Cloudflare, I’ve tried using Cloudflare’s Purge Cache tool and Google’s cache clearing tool but still no luck.

Does anyone have any ideas? Or is it just a waiting game? I just don’t want to go back to my client and create more confusion, frustration and try to explain what’s happening.

Oh and please feel free to test and let me know what happens to you!

Looks like it will be a waiting game, as Cloudflare correctly redirects requests over to your new domain.

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