.biz, .us, and other TLDs when?

Does anyone know when Cloudflare’s registrar will add support for .biz and .us? These are very common TLDs that we utilize, and I’d love to bring them over to Cloudflare.

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I believe Cloudflare Team is surely working hard and looking to get an as big list of supported TLDs as possible. Furthermore, I assume they are unable to confirm the exact dates due to contracts and issues that may arise in the process.

There is no official schedule for any of the TLDs or ccTLDs as far as I have read.

But, there are plenty of other good registrars if you need to leave your current one for some reason (like it does not support DNSSEC, or the support is lacking something, etc.).

I am truly not sure about any ccTLDs so soon due to strict regulations and policies.

If I missed something, kindly @cloonan could possible have some feedback information regarding new upcoming TLDs, otherwise, currently available ones are listed on the below link and hopefully will be updated as follows:


That is a spot-on statement. The team pushes as fast and hard as they can to add more TLDs and I am not close to the process, I do understand in speaking with them that each TLD requires a unique business relationship and as such support for each TLD is on it’s own path.


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