Bitdefender blocks page with Cloudflare Origins SSL hosted on Hostinger

Hi, recently i have installed a Cloudflare Origin Certificate as described on this tutorial on my Hostinger domain on

It seams that it was installed correctly. But i am using BitDefender, whenever i try to access the https:// website i get the error:

"BitDefender has blocked this page

Your connection to this website is not safe due to untrusted certificate and was blocked. Attackers might try to steal sensitive information from you, such as passwords or credit cards.

[I understand the risks, take me there anyway]"

Have i done something wrong implementing the SSL or is the Cloudflare Origin SSL really not trustworthy? Is there a way to fix this for all the devices that are using BitDefender?


It looks good to me. Can you get BitDefender to show you more information about the certificate?

I have recreated the certificate a few minutes ago because i didnt had patience to wait, it seams that the problem is the same. Than i have disabled BitDefender and i get the error (in Chrome): NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID

Do i have to wait some time after i create a certificate? is still working for you?

Thanks for the answer.

For whatever reason, you’re connecting directly to the origin server. Maybe you have your website added to a local hosts file on your computer instead of using DNS.

You are right, on my phone is working fine. And suddenly started to work on my computer as well. Thanks for the help.

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