Bingbot not able to access to my site

I have checked posts like Cloudflare bing bot block or Bingbot blocked but none of them have the answer to my issue.

In Bing webmasters tool, in Recover as Bingbot I get a timeout for each URL from my website:

Google and Yandex are able to access to my site’s sitemaps and to index the pages, but Bing isn’t. I don’t have any log in the firewall and in my server, the only IP addresses (out of the internal IP) are the CloudFlare addresses with status 200 or 303.

Is it a CloudFlare issue or a Bing issue?

Bing has answered me that the bots gets a 403 error. In my htaccess I don’t block anything related to Bingbot so this is an issue directly related with CloudFlare but I’m unable to see the issue behind it.

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