Bingbot issue possible Cloudflare

Anyone having an issue with Bingbot not being able to fetch pages suddenly? For the past few days. They sort of put this on Cloudflare.

I checked my firewall rules, and everything is fine on my end, and no Cloudflare blocks in logs.

Can anyone let me know if Bing is working for them? It will help nail it down.

Thanks all

Do you have Super Bot Fight Mode activated?

Otherwise, Bingbot is pretty active on my site in the last 48 hours:

Nah don’t have that enabled.

Interesting, I wonder what it could be. I will seek more from Microsoft. Doesn’t make much sense.

Thanks for the info

And you don’t have an IP Access or firewall rule blocking a Microsoft ASN or similar?

Another view of Bingbot activity showing it respects (almost) the throttling for daytime as per Bing Webmaster settings - otherwise pretty active over the last two weeks (365k pages):

Nah, not from my server backend or cloud flare. Nothing in logs. Asn or IP.

Googlebot is fine.

Haha, it was an SSL setting. I was testing things out and put TSL min version 1.3.

Set it back to 1.2 minimum, and Bingbot works.

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And there you go… Good job finding it.

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