Bingbot blocked from crawling site

I have initiated a scan with bingbot through bing webmaster tools, i then monitor this in Cloudflare and i see the below bot trying to crawl my site.

IP address:
User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; bingbot/2.0; +

The bot is being blocked by managed rules in Cloudflare WAF & bing webmaster tools is returning the below error.

These pages have 400-499 http status code. Ensuring http status 200 might help improve SERP performance and gain user traffic.

When i try to verify the bot using the bing verify tool it tells me that this is not a bingbot but i am 100% certain it is a bingbot ip as i get the same IP every time i try to crawl my site with bingbot. When i disable the Cloudflare WAF managed rulesets bing can crawl the site fine.

How do i get around this? Any help or direction would be most appreciated.

That ip is actually from their console as you pointed out.

Technically it’s not in the bing whitelist I had this issue myself a few years ago. Don’t worry bing is crawling, they have a lot of if you were blocked your event logs would be flooded.

Sadly you need to whitelist this I.p like I did, or submit a ticket to Cloudflare but they did not bother with mine year’s ago, pro isn’t enterprise.

Thanks for the info JoshJ