Bing Webmaster Tools only indexs .zip .tar .icon and other weird files

Hi community,

Bing Webmaster Tools - It says Cloudflare only allows .zip .tar .icon and other weird files to be submitted into their index. All of my actual web pages aren’t being submitted?

See the image here: com/file/d/1JhHWhu5lchKzy–Q648YLud8OB6t_WxT/view?usp=sharing

The site is GamingDebugged com - In Google it’s fine but in Bing, the site has disappeared.

I have tried adding 301 redirects and deleting the files but it seems to submit them daily?

I want my normal pages to be indexed and not these strange files.

Any help is appreciated.




I have experienced the same issue for indexing my website []( , it’s easy to to fix that ! you need just to send the xml sitemap file directly to Bing via webmaster account.

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