BING UET tag not loading through Zaraz?

Any ideas on what is going (wr)on(g)?
UET tag setup properly:

But not being detected (anymore)?



Seems like you recently upgraded the Bing integration to use the Managed Component. was it working before the upgrade?

Yep it was. Where did I upgrade? At the BING or CF side? More importantly, how do i fix it?

The fix was on CF side and should be rolled out now to all customers. Please let us know if you’re seeing any other issues.

Hi, thanks!

Yes, I am actually.

Zaraz > “Create Variable”:
Name: Event type
Variable type: string
Variable value: + > Track property > Please set Track Property name: > Filling the field and clicking “CONFIRM” closes both pop-up layers instead of just the last one making it impossible to add such a variable.

thanks, the team will look into this. As a workaround, create a string Variable with any value you want, then edit it and replace the value with your Track Property. Editing doesn’t happen in a pop-up so the bug doesn’t seem to occur there.