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Not sure this is a Cloudflare issue but my site was always at the top of the rankings for search terms in Bing. It’s basically gone and the few URLS that are indexed are funky, such as an affiliate’s URL. I am getting a 400-499 error but not sure how to find which it is. I took part in some CF beta program with Bing, and not sure if that has anything to do with this. Of course my rankings in Yahoo are also gone. Here is the error. Any help would be appreciated (I’m far from a techy so I might have to pass it along to my web person) Thanks!

IssueHttp 400-499 errors


What is the issue about?These pages have 400-499 http status code. Ensuring http status 200 might help improve SERP performance and gain user traffic.

How to fix?Urls with these errors may be fixed by updating your site

Hi @stacykan,

If you set your site to DNS only do your errors go away?

Thank you.

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