Bing is not indexing my site

Bing will not index my website which is setup on Cloudflare. Google has no problems. I’ve performed the following steps:

  • Inspected the URL and submitted it for indexing on Bing
  • Requested URL indexing says that the crawl has failed - the site is not indexed on Bing
  • Turned off submitting the site to the search engine (index now) on Cloudflare
  • Added a firewall rule to Cloudflare - allowing user agent “bing”

I’ve seen old forum posts suggesting that this has been a problem but I’ve no idea if it has ever been fixed.

Can anyone help?

If it’s political that may be the problem I’ve experienced.

I have the exact same problem
3x different sites.
1of single static page hosted on CF pages
1x Wordpress on CF Pro with SEO plugin1
1x Wordpress on CF Free plan + SEO plugin2

Google has no problem at all, contacted Bing almost 48hrs ago and waiting for an update.
Bing bot on their URL checked can access the pages just fine (on the live view), as for the automated index, no chance, thought it was just me.

What tls version are you running.

Bing needs tls 1.2 minimum, if you set it at 1.3 bing will not be able to access it since unlike google they are incapble of adding tls 3 support

I seen a few caught out here with Cloudflare and bing. Check the ssl section of your cf panel.

If thats set to 1.2 or lower, need to wait for their response.

In my case, have set minimum TLS to 1.1 for compatibility and enabled 1.3 also.

Its a pain, Bing indexes the front page but no actual content pages, in the webmaster panel, HTTP 500-599 errors with no details on them at all.
Only applies to Bing of course, frustrating as others like DuckDuckGo, Yahoo etc all use Bing (to the best of my knowledge).

I’m just using the default TLS setting which I think is 1.0. I had “Index Now” turned on (where snippets are sent to the search engines) but since I’ve turned it off I’ve noticed Bing has indexed 3 secondary pages but it still has not indexed the main page. My domain is still not showing when I search the site on Bing.

Best send them a ticket. It can take a bit for it to show up, Indexnow should work pretty well, all it does is send a notification to them to visit the page, it cannot block or cause errors for it to visit.

Did you use the inspection tool inside bing? that is the next thing.

I’ve used the live url inspection and it’s ok. However when you look at the page performance stats it states there is an error preventing indexing but there’s no more information.

Bing have completed their investigation and have said it’s not a technical issue but it’s to do with my site being new. Now that’s odd as I created a new site the other week using Google Sites and it was indexed by Bing much quicker than Google. The difference is that I didn’t use Cloudflare for the Google Sites website. Is that just a coincidence? I’m just not convinced. I’ve created quite a number of websites and I’ve never had this problem before.

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