Bing Crawl Errors

Good morning! We have an e-commerce site on Shift4Shop. They use Cloudflare, and we do not have access to their settings. We are trying to get some insight on an issue we recently began experiencing.

On November 11th, we began to see Product Rejections in Bing Merchant Center go up. Within a few days 75% of our product were being rejected because of an HTTP error. Upon further investigating we found that these crawl errors were not confined to Merchant Center, but rather our Bing Webmaster Tools was also showing similar crawl errors.

As of right now more than half of our products are rejected because of HTTP crawl errors and 759 of our webpages have a 403 Error in Webmaster Tools.

Can this be a CF issue, and if so can someone help us to resolve?

If you don’t have access to the Cloudflare settings for your site, then there’s nothing you can do.

For those who do have access to settings, I’d recommend that they take a look at the Firewall Events Log for any blocked connections coming from bingbot. Or just dial back any restrictions they have, such as Firewall Rules, Security Level, and any bot fight modes they may have enabled.

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