and fail until refreshed on IPv6

I am using the Block malware DNS IPs for both IPv4 and IPv6.

Which are:



I have to refresh Edge like 5-6 times before the DNS will resolve. Sometimes Bing will resolve the homepage for Edge, and sometimes the search will work, but then I’ll engage the Bing AI Chatbot, and it’ll tell me the connection to Bing got disconnected. The interim solution for now for me was to disable IPv6.

I think your IPv6 is broken and thus you will experience timeouts before it fails over to IPv4. Can you try Google’s DNS too, with IPv6 too. If the same thing happens, your IPv6 is broken, not the DNS.
Also do an IPv6 test.

Hi, Milk. Thank you for your response. I changed the IPv4 and IPv6 over to use DoH instead, and it works great now, with the occasional exception of Bing failing to connect once, then I refresh it and it works. Legacy routing tables maybe?

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