Bing Bot And Yandex Bot Can't Index My Site

Hello everyone, my site Monitor Teknologi is having problems. Bing and Yandex Bot cannot index pages from my site and always return 403 errors. I have checked the htaccess and robots.txt files and no one has blocked bots from bing and yandex. I also tried disabling cloudflare security and making rules in cloudflare to allow bing and yandex bots to index my site. But it still returns the same error message. But the Google bot can crawl my site perfectly without any errors. Whether this error is caused by cloudflare that is blocking bad bots. Can anyone help me!

This is my sitemap url:

Take a look at the Firewall Events Log to see if those blocks are being registered.

I have used firewall rules to free bing and yandex bots to crawl my site. But it still returns 403 errors

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