Bing and google crawlers blocked by managed firewall rules

I am seeing google and bing crawlers getting blocked by managed firewall rules. Used to have a paid account, enabled managed fw rules, however now the account is free and can no longer access managed firewall rules. Somehow they appear to still be enabled on the backend and I can’t access them. Noticed the sitemap for this domain is no longer accessible via google in their search console, they list a 403 error. Confirmed in the fw logs here on cloudflare. How do I disable the managed fw rules if I can’t actually access them in the interface?

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You’ll have to open a ticket to have Support clear this: support AT cloudflare DOT com

I tried opening a ticket, it was immediately closed and I was referred to this system.

Please post the Ticket #.

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@MoreHelp please assist with this ticket: 2285730

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