Billing - unable to add credit card

Hello, I’ve searched the forum and others have reported this problem a few months ago. When going into billing, and adding a credit card, the website never saves or completes adding the card after clicking submit. The submit animation just spins. I’ve tried multiple browsers, multiple credit cards.

I created a support ticket the other day about this, and after submitting the ticket, it says you will get an email to track the support ticket; no email ever came. Today, tried to add a credit card again, same result. Created another ticket, and again, no email ever arrived with tracking/confirmation of the support ticket.

Is billing + support broken for just me, or is it behaving like this for others?

Can you post both of the ticket #s here? Support will need to merge the two (really no need to open a second ticket, as that adds to ticket response time).

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I’ve noted in the second ticket the original ticket number.

To my questions: Does the adding a credit card to ones billing account work for anyone else? And does creating a support ticket not email you any acknowledgement/tracking of the ticket?

Hi @mga, sorry you’re having issues and did not receive a confirmation, I see the tickets from yesterday and have merged the tickets into 1628345 and noted this conversation. I’ve seen issues with billing, but they return an error code in the red box at the bottom of the screen, not the same symptom that you’re encountering.

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I can tell you that it’s January 2021 and it’s behaving the same way for me right now…
so I’ll guess this is an intermittent or specific browser issue because I can’t imagine it’s lasted this long broken.

I have switched browsers, tried Edge and Chrome, have entered to update my billing primary CC and clicked to submit and the submission button switches to “…” and flashes/spins without stopping and never saves the update. I have logged out and back in again to confirm that the data did not update

SOLVED - I emailed CloudFlare support and while they encouraged me to try different browsers and clear local cache, the tip that solved the issue was to log in from an Incognito session.

I performed a billing card update successfully once I was running from a Chrome Incognito session.

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