Billing tickets take to much in reply it seams support ignore it

I have two issues with billing.

  1. One month ago I create a ticket because the name of our company not appear in the invoice, support told me that it was an internal issue that engineers will solved and for the next invoice the company name will appear, they can not reissued a the invoice, so well we understand that and we wait for next invoice. But Oh! surprise in the new one company name still with not appear, I create a new ticket 2 days ago and the only reply is from the bot saying see the documentation or contact to community, I have a Business Plan how Community can solve Billing issues ?

  2. The new invoice (without company name) appear as unpaid because for security reasons, our card is only enabled for maid charge on specific dates as invoice was incorrect we didn’t enable for accept the charge, any way as we don’t have any answare of the tickect support We decided to pay the wrong invoice so that our service would not be suspended. But we don’t see an option to made the payment so we try to contact support, but Oh Billing support is only by ticket (that can take days in get a reply) so we created a new ticket for the unpaid invoice once again the only reply we have is from the Bot with the advice “Contact community” it’s almost 12 hours and we don’t have any reply even for made the payment (it’s really disappointing)

So community how can you help any one with Billing issues ?

Why Cloudflare can have a better support for billing issues?

Is there’s any form for report an non-conformity (did Cloudflare has a Quality Managed System)

Waiting for any help …

Sorry for the issues with this, I know the Billing team is working to correct the issues and am pretty sure this is related to the ongoing billing migration, Billing migration update.

I see the conversation with my colleague the other day and the open ticket 3226327. I have flagged that ticket and this conversation for my billing colleagues to address on 3226327.

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Hey @cloonan, it pass one day more without have any response, it’s really frustrating, billing support is the worstest ever. We’re very worry about this, as the invoice is marked as unpaid, Cloudflare could suspend the service. It’s really disappointing try to pay and have no answer to solve the issue

What can we do now? how many days we have to wait to billing support can help us even reply sometihing about this issue.

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Hi @rodrigo11 the ongoing billing system migration is slowing down replies on tickets.

Regarding company name, I assume the migration is affecting the timing of the promised fix or is part. of that promised fix. From working with the Billing team, I also know do not not promise things they don’t deliver,

I am pretty sure this is caused by the ongoing migration, Billing migration update Your ticket has been assigned and the team needs to review the details to assist. I am sorry for the ongoing issues and the team will continue to assist on the ticket.

At this time the company name can wait, we’re very worry for the unpaid invoice we don’t want Cloudflare suspend the service for the unpaid invoice, we want made the payment, we see that the charge is not done yet.
how can we proceed with that?