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I have been trying for two weeks now and have received no support, we are trying to upgrade from free to Business and even have three billing tickets in the system and no one is replying to the tickets. We need to contact someone about a error code. Help!

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One is all you need. More just slows things down for everyone. If you share a ticket number here, we can request escalation. It will still take time for your ticket to reach the front of the queue.

Thank you, every time I would get a hold of support chat they would create a new one. I had them all consolidated into #3278017 this morning.

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No worries. I have submitted an escalation request. Once a billing support specialist is available to review your ticket, you should receive a response.

Thank you


So it was the setting Personal or Business. We had it set to business but once we changed it to personal it went though.

Discovered though trial and error.

Thank you


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Our support team has replied to the ticket with the latest update.
Please check your ticket for more details.