Billing support response timeline for multiple duplicate charges

I understand billing issues are not resolved here but was sent here after calling. I have also contacted billing via email and have an outstanding support ticket for a multiple duplicate billing charges on my credit card after a domain name transfer.

Can anyone advise on how best to proceed? It has been over a week and was just wondering what is the expected lag time for a response or reversing the charges?


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Hi @user7744 I see your ticket 2479875 and have added myself to it. I’ll also flag your post for my #general:billing colleague. Sorry for the delay.


No worries, thanks for flagging this.
Have a great day!


Still open. There are no response yet for a high priority support request, please help…
Will need to contact cc provider to reverse all duplicate charges if no one is able to look into this. Thanks

Thank you for your continued patience on this matter.

Our Billing team should have an update for you shortly in the ticket : 2479875


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