Billing Support - Case #2380896 waiting on response

Hello, I have submitted ticket # 2380896 over a week ago and am waiting on a response from billing support

Can you please let me know what the status of this ticket is? Thank you for your help.

@Laurie Should be able to help you here! Wait for her reply!

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Got it thank you very much.

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Typically billing tickets get noticed faster. Can you give some context to whats the topic of the ticket?

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Sure, we attempted to transfer in a 7 domains into Cloudflare however the process got canceled (domains were not successfully transferred).

We were still billed for these domain names however we should not have been as the transfer did not complete.

Hi @it120,
Your ticket was replied to by one of our billing specialists, however, it is very unclear, please reply that all of the domains have failed to transfer and they can then update the registrar team to process refunds for these. In addition, they requested that you lock all of the domains in question at your current registrar which can be checked by doing a whois check, if you have done this please note this in your ticket as well.

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Hi Laurie,

I did confirm that all domain names are locked, I also did confirm that the transfers have failed / canceled in my original message.

Is there anything else I can do to have this further looked at / responded to?

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