Billing + Registrar - getting fed up

Cloudflares billing system just does not seem up to the job, particularly with domains.

  1. seemingly random pre-authorisation requests to my paypal account; no email details, no record of this in the dashboard area. [email protected] support have failed to tell me why this happens and seem to be ignoring me. It’s usually 1-2 weeks before this money is released back to my card. Right now, I’m owed around $100.
  2. renewals often fail, “billing error”. I have a very healthy paypal account that I use every day across multiple merchants - it’s only with Cloudflare that I have issues.
  3. invoices are not consistent with payments, only purchases. i.e. if I renew 3 domains, I have to pay for each renewal individually, I would expect individual invoices for that, but instead I get 1 invoice with the 3 domain renewals on it, making it hard to reconcile payments with accounts.
  4. currency conversion on domains - theres no stated time when you update your internal exchange rate, and right now I’m paying nearly 10% more than wholesale due to this.
  5. I cannot (manually) renew more than 1 domain at time - it’s quite a task to do this manually for each domain (auto renewal didnt work)

I hope these issues can be resolved soon, as it’s really making me reconsider Cloudflare registrar for my 1800+ domains.