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purchased two domains on Cloudflare this afternoon, Both domain names have not been successfully purchased, and the fee has been deducted through the VISA has charged twice and once. But the domain name cannot be used. Hope you can get me a refund. Also, there is no billing information on Cloudflare. But I have the domain name I purchased in the management domain, but it cannot be used, please check the billing information and help me refund.

As this is a billing issue you need to actually send a ticket through the dashboard. We can’t access you personal details. Charges are usually reverted automatically in a couple of days, though.

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The payment question will be refunded automatically after a few days, right?

matteo via Cloudflare Community <[email protected]> 于2022年9月28日周三 00:41写道:

It should be, if you don’t get a refund in 7 days (that’s the usual number credit card companies give), open a ticket from the dashboard.

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