Billing Question for a new user

I am a bit confused about the pricing on Cloudflare. Most places are charging for a Data cost per GB and for a HTTP call cost. per X 000 calls.

I can’t see any data cost on cloudflare or any https cost, does that mean that both of these are unlimited? I can have as much data as I want on 1 website and unlimited calls for free, or for 20$ per month, doesn’t seem right, so maybe I am mising something?


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There generally is no hard limit on traffic but there still is a fair use policy in place and you should pay particular attention to paragraph 2.8 of the terms of service.

But as long as you proxy regular HTML content (with some embedded resources) you should not run into any limitations.

Whether free or paid plan won’t make a difference here.

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thanks for the super fast response.

In general I have aroudn 150-200M Https calls per month and around 2TB of data. Would that be within the limits

Fully depends on your content. What is your server primarily serving?

single page landing page for pop and push traffic. page is usually a few KB nothing very heavy, some basic CSS and around 50-100 words maybe the occasional image

Should be perfectly fine then. If there is no excessive video or audio involved you shouldn’t have any issue in this case. Basically, make sure it is traditional HTML with a few images :slight_smile:.

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wow amazing, thanks so much for the help!

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