Billing profile error

Anyone can help me here. Support has not been fruitful.

Acc was downgraded to Free Plan from Pro Plan and for some reason although the support specialist has advise me on the next course of action I am still unable to make payments to move to Pro Plan.

I cant change my credit card details and I again I cant make payments

Any fruitful help is much appreciated

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What kind of ticket do you have open? It should be a billing one. If it is then please share the ticket number and if not then make one here:

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Hi there,

Here is my ticket

Please help.


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The Support specialist doesnt seem to understand the issue.

I only see one ticket 3197975 from you, multiple tickets don’t accelerate the process.

Can you reply to the ticket 3197975 and explain it to them to ensure they’re following you?

Sorry for the issues.

I did and repeatedly told them what is the issue. I believe they are not reading the ticket correctly.

issue has been resolved.


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