Billing problem issue / downgraded account

Since the billing problem with Cloudflare (impossible to register a payment method), our account has been downgraded to the free version.
We’ve tried several payment methods, but none of them work! Can you help us, it’s become urgent and support is not responding.

Hello @hedi1,

I’m sorry to hear about your billing issue. Please follow these steps to contact Cloudflare Support:

If you receive an automatic response that doesn’t resolve your problem, reply to that email to escalate the issue. Make sure to mention that it’s urgent and that you’ve tried multiple payment methods.

Sorry for the inconvenience here. Thank you for using Cloudflare.

Hello @Luis.Cardoso,
Thank you for your help. I’ve submited a ticket (#3191092) to the support with the “urgent” tag, i’ve received an automatic response, suggesting us to read the documentation.

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Hi @hedi1

I can see the ticket and it has been sent to the billing team. They will reach out to you asap.

I will close this post as we are not able to provide billing related information in the community.


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