Billing Problem and Not able to upgrade from Free to Pro

I have tried multiple times to upgrade my plan to PRO. It says you have successfully changed your plan.
But when i refresh my page. It again shows FREE Plan.

I get an email every time i change plan.

Dear valued customer,

We’ve run into a problem and were not able to complete the purchase, change, or cancellation of your Cloudflare subscription for . Please reach out to [email protected] so our team can assist you further.

I Raised a ticket for this problem Ticket No - 2355685.

Received Email.

Thank you very much for contacting Cloudflare. My name is Ulrik, Billing Specialist on the Cloudflare Billing Team. Your ticket has been escalated to our team and I will be looking at your request.

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your Cloudflare Account.

Looking at your account, I see that you have no zones with us, which you will need in order to order this subscription.

If you have any further questions please let me know, so that I can assist you.

I have tried everything.

But still facing problem.
Help Me.

Did you see any credit card payment history in your online banking account?

No, Their is no transaction deduction in my account.

Let me put this into escalation queue.


We have escalated to the correct team, You should see a reply soon.

Billing team have responded with reason why it is not possible via ticket.

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