Billing of Argo service

I received this message a few hours after signing up for ARGo on 10/12/2022
The mesage said:


The criteria for a billable usage threshold notification has been met for this month.

Service: Argo Smart Routing
Threshold: 0.00 GB of Transfer
Log into to review any anomalies.

This notification is provided for informational purposes only. The usage shown is not real-time, and actual usage and billing may vary.
The Cloudflare Team

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My question is this: How did I reach the threshold after only a few hours, especially since my sight is still under development and not public yet! Anybody?

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It doesn’t take long to get 0.00GB of transfer. I have mine set to 1GB, and I get my notification at about the ten-day mark.

Thanks for the info. I couldn’t figure out where you can set it. Seems like they bill you the $5 right away and then the $.10/MB fee after usage is established. Is that correct?

Correct. Argo is a paid feature, so the first $5 gets you 1GB:

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