Billing Issue that I need help with

I am trying to pay for Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress ($5 a month). When I first did this, the payment failed because my Paypal information was incorrect.

I have updated the payment settings with a credit card and Paypal (with correct information) as my back up.

So I am wanting to pay via Credit Card.

However, there is nowhere within my account where I can re-run the payment.

When I submitted a ticket, the person who replied said that they saw the error “PayPal Buyer Revoked Pre-Approved Payment Authorization The customer revoked authorization for this payment method. Reach out to the customer for more information or a different payment method.”

This will be from the incorrect Paypal information.

However, I am wanting to pay with my updated credit card information, not with the old incorrect Paypal details.

I think this is fairly easy to understand, but what do I do because the billing team do not understand what I am trying to say.

Simply, I want to pay for the Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress with my credit card details that are in my account. Can someone help me with this?

Please post the ticket # from your conversation with the billing team so we can escalate it.


Ok, I’ve added that ticket to the escalation queue.

Hi there,

This has been escalated to our team and I am looking at it as well and I will reply to you shortly.


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